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Will mica capacitors become the first choice for the latest audio equipment applications? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-23
Benefits of Mica Mica has the best stability of all dielectrics, with a temperature coefficient of +35 ppm/?C, while polystyrene is -150 ppm/?C. This is achieved by sintering the silver-plated mica flakes at high temperature (560°C) and applying silver paste to strengthen the edges. Then it is vacuum impregnated with Napelec C, which is a synthetic polybutene wax specially developed for high-voltage paper insulated cables. This makes a solid non-resonant structure. Vacuum-impregnated mica capacitors with Napelec C have been in production for more than 100 years and have proven long-term stability. Long-term stress cracking problems can affect polystyrene capacitors. The laminated extended foil structure has extremely low loss and excellent high frequency characteristics. Polystyrene capacitors usually only have wound foil. The standard configuration provides a tolerance of 1% (less than 10pF±0.5pF). They can be trimmed to very tight tolerances, up to 0.1%, to match the metal film and tantalum foil resistors used in high-quality audio equipment. Only mica has this ability. Mica is also the dielectric of choice for capacitor calibration standards and is used by the National Physics Laboratory. Interestingly, mica is a naturally occurring silicate crystal that can be easily cut into very thin flakes. As with all natural products, the variability can be high, requiring careful selection of ruby u200bu200bmica plates from India, precision manufacturing, and manual assembly and individual trimming of mica capacitors in the UK. This is still the most effective production method for precision professional components. This can also flexibly generate any value for special orders. Use NPL traceable calibrated Agilent/HP test equipment for testing. Mica capacitors use thick solid silver wires connected by silver load solder, which means that the entire conductive part of the component is actually silver, eliminating any potential barriers that could cause distortion. Standard copper-clad steel wires are not used because they will introduce third harmonic distortion due to magnetic effects. The standard lead length provided is more than an inch (25 mm) long, or longer if needed, to facilitate manual components used in high-end audio equipment, such as hard-wired valve amplifiers. The 500v rating is also useful in this application. Finally, the capacitor is sealed by dipping in a blue epoxy powder coating, cured at 125°C and marked with the value, and will soon become familiar with the CEL logo. They will execute and view parts of it in any high-end audio design. Mica capacitor
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