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Will self-healing capacitors explode? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-22
Self-healing capacitors, under the action of applied voltage, cause dielectric breakdown due to the existence or development of weak points such as impurities or air gaps in the medium to form a conduction circuit; then flow through a metal layer in a small area near the conduction circuit Pulse current with steep leading edge. The current on the metal layer adjacent to the breakdown point suddenly rises and is distributed inversely proportional to the distance from the breakdown point. At the time t, the temperature of the metal layer in the region of the radius Rt reaches the melting point of the metal, so the metal in this range melts and generates an arc. This current causes the release of capacitor energy, and the temperature suddenly rises in the local area of u200bu200bthe arc, and the pressure suddenly increases. With the action of the discharge energy, the metal layer in the area with a radius of Rt violently evaporates and is accompanied by splashing. In the process of increasing the radius of this area, the arc is broken, the metal is blown away, oxidized and cooled, which destroys the conductive path, and forms a circular insulating area centered on the breakdown point on the dielectric surface with the metal layer lost. The self-healing process of the capacitor ends. Therefore, the self-healing performance of a self-healing capacitor cannot be used as a measure of whether it will explode. The quality of a capacitor and its role in reactive power compensation in the power system still depend on the quality of its own products. If the manufacturing materials are not good and the manufacturing process is not good, it is easy to cause the internal components of the capacitor to break down and damage the capacitor insulating casing, bulging, oil leakage, etc., and serious explosions.
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