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Will the capacitor fail if it is not used for a long time? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-06
Will the capacitor fail if it is not used for a long time? This question also depends on the specific capacitor. A common type of capacitor is placed for a period of time after it is fully charged, it is certain that the voltage will drop, or the amount of electricity it stores will decrease. This is because the resistance between the plates of the capacitor consumes electricity. It is not that the capacity of the capacitor is small. It's like a water tank is filled with water. After a while, the water evaporates. It's not so full. It's just that there is less water and the tank's capacity remains unchanged. However, if the electrolytic capacitor is placed for a long time, the capacity will definitely be reduced due to the loss of electrolyte, which is a change in the capacity of the capacitor. Since electrolytic capacitors have electrolyte inside, the electrolyte may dry up after long-term storage, resulting in a decrease in capacity and even failure to use. The long-term storage of other capacitors that do not contain electrolyte is basically no problem, of course, the premise is proper storage conditions and not damp.
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