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Wiper capacitor_wiper capacitor_principle of wiper capacitor

by:Shenmao     2021-06-17
The windshield wiper on the car is usually done by the wiper motor. There are two common names in the industry, one is the wiper motor and the other is the wiper motor, which allows the wiper to work intermittently. It mainly depends on the wiper capacitor. The wiper capacitor not only plays a role in starting the wiper motor, but also plays an important role in rapid charging and discharging. Relying on this principle, the wiper is indirect. Scrape. The power source of the wiper is actually dependent on the motor. The power supply condition that can meet the motor power test is to rely on the wiper capacitor. This is also called an intermittent wiper system. A detailed explanation of the working principle is intermittent. The capacitor in the intermittent relay in the type wiper system, one of the capacitors in the RC circuit, mainly depends on the change of capacitor and resistance parameters to adjust the charging and discharging time, so as to adjust the intermittent time between each wipe. Second If the capacitor is across between the relay contacts, it is used to extinguish the arc and isolate the conduction interference. The wiper capacitor is a name for application scenarios. In fact, the type of this capacitor is an axial capacitor of CL20 or MEA. Because the working environment is not demanding, but it is very important for safety performance, so the general withstand voltage stability needs to be good. It must be the accessories used in the car. If it rains, there is no way to use the windshield wiper. Dangerous, if you also have a need for wiper capacitors, you can directly contact the website customer service for consultation.
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