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Advantages of metal film capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-26
The metal film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors used in filtering are familiar with each other, and there are disputes. However, there is no difference between the two. In fact, the applications of the two are different. The performance of metal film capacitors is high. Analytical power, clear layers, fast speed, low noise, but the sound is a little too thin, low frequency is poor, lack of charm, and very few and very expensive, really high-quality metal film capacitors, used in decoupling , Its performance repels most common electrolytic capacitors and oil-immersed capacitors. Its fine sound, rich details, quiet background, balanced frequency band, and smooth sound are difficult to rival. Electrolytic capacitors are relatively more comprehensive, but The speed is slow, and the analytical power and sense of hierarchy are slightly worse. Metal film capacitors have a negative effect due to their fast speed and poor use. Everyone knows that there is no negative feedback circuit at high frequencies, and the low frequency is not as good as the feedback circuit. At this time, metal film capacitors are used for filtering. In most cases, the high and intermediate frequencies will be more Bright, the low frequency is hard, so some students object to the use of metal film capacitors for filtering, but it is different when there is feedback. The speed advantage of metal film capacitors is played out. The high speed of metal film capacitors Transient intermodulation distortion plays a certain complementary role, and also makes the sound sound fresher and smoother. This has achieved good results in practice. The speed advantage of metal film capacitors is more obvious and commendable when the voltage regulator circuit eliminates the switching effect. Everyone has been arguing over the pros and cons of AC power supply, DC power supply and voltage stabilization. Although AC has peaks and valleys, it is still continuous. There is no switching effect and no switching noise. The sound of DC power supply does not have AC power supply. Sounds beautiful, the main performance is that the sound is not fresh. Have you ever considered what is not fresh? In fact, the sound is not smooth, which is caused by the switching noise of the voltage regulator device. In fact, the switching characteristics of the current components are already very good, and the switching frequency has reached the MHZ level. In theory, it will not cause much to the audio frequency. It affects, but human ears are strange. Just like analog and digital audio sources, 16 bits means 16 points per second, but the ears can easily hear the dry, hard, and choppy caused by the discontinuity. However, DC power supply also has its advantages, such as low thermal noise, stable work to make the sound background quiet, balanced, distinct, and wide sound field, etc. If the switching noise is handled well, the sound quality is better than that of communication, and the overall effect is better. Good, but there is no ideal DC power supply. Even giant batteries also have discharge noise. Not to mention the rectifier circuit. It can be said that switching noise exists in most DC power supplies. We can only eliminate it as much as possible to minimize its impact. The ears can't tell. Electrolytic capacitors already have noise and slow speed. They are used in rectification and voltage stabilization circuits. The effect of superimposing the switching noise of diodes and zener tubes can be imagined, but after changing to metal film capacitors, the situation is different. The application of the active filter circuit has been well verified. After the application of metal film capacitors, the sense of hearing is quite good, and there is no unsmooth or fresh phenomenon. I believe that the rapid charge and discharge of metal film capacitors can well make up for the effect of switching noise. .
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