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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor can hold how long?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-05
The quality guarantee period of the electrolytic capacitor is usually 3 - Six months after the deadline for safety needs recharging the batteries can be used, but it is comparatively mature technology of electrolytic capacitor now, reality a lot of electrolytic capacitor after a year the quality is still in good condition, capacity is normal and the leakage current and so on various parameters. Store more than 2 years of capacitor before use should be 1 k resistor, and gradually to the rated working voltage dc power supply, keep the rated voltage for 1 hour. Electrolytic capacitor is a dynamic energy storage device, after placed in the charging, will gradually depletes, but does not affect his performance, can also be used. Electrolytic depositing process found some bulges, electrolyte overflow, may be too hot! The reason is that water plays a role in the electrolyte ( Please refer to: the role of water in the electrolyte) 。 Water increases the electrical conductivity so reducing the capacitance impedance. But it lowers the boiling point and therefore interferes with the high temperature performance, reduces the storage life. Water of a few percentage points is necessary, because the electrolyte to maintain the integrity of the aluminum oxide dielectric. When leakage flow, the water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, oxygen is attached at the anode of metal sheet by adding more oxygen to recuperate leakage current location. Hydrogen by capacitance of sealing rubber overflow.
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