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by:Shenmao     2020-11-12
As a main circuit protection components, high voltage capacitor in many intelligent products and electronic product design process is indispensable. But, in the process of practical application, it should be fixed capacity of high voltage capacitor can sometimes change. This is how to return a responsibility? Let small make up take a lesson for everyone today! In high voltage capacitor ideal use cases, when moving pieces of stationary after certain parts, high voltage capacitor in the whole work process, capacity should be fixed on the parts will not change. Actually, because the external natural environment and the harm of elements such as temperature, so will the behavior change of its capacity, its level is stable capacitance change. The cause of the change, mostly relies on the structure of capacitor, the quality of the materials used, manufacturing. The following, respectively discusses the condition of high voltage capacitor capacitance stability have what kind of impact. First of all, let's take a look at the mechanical effect of the effect on the stability of the high voltage capacitor. When there is external vibration or turbulence of high-voltage capacitors, high voltage capacitor of capacitance change, change the value depends on the size of the capacitor is the distance between the plate and the chip geometry size and all the mechanical strength of the structure. The smaller the distance, the greater the specification, the thick thick, the smaller the breadth, the smaller capacity caused by the change also. Except mechanical equipment effect can reduce the capacity reliability of high voltage capacitor, a factor as well as to its critical damage, the temperature, when the external temperature changes a lot, high voltage capacitor of the total area of the pole piece, its thickness, the spacing between slices and the coefficient of thermal conductivity of medium is change. When the temperature changed significantly, the capacitor of all components of the structure will be out of shape. All these changes will change the quality of the condenser, and transform the temperature coefficient of capacitance of the capacitor. This is decided by the combination of these factors. In order to reduce the effects of temperature on the high voltage capacitor, engineers in the development of new high voltage capacitor products can solve the problem from the following several aspects. First of all, small linear expansion coefficient of the material can be selected for manufacturing high voltage capacitor. Second, the reasonable processing technology used in the process of manufacturing. Capacitor ion migration direction is as follows: in the process of growth of oxide film on stamping or cutting sheet after heat treatment, and under a certain temperature was carried out on the assembly after the adjustment the capacitor to taste, to eliminate internal stress, improve stability. Three is a technical point of view to increase the precision of the capacitance plate assembly line, as far as possible to ensure that the piece of symmetry. Several ways, it's all can be good way to enhance the reliability of high voltage capacitor capacity further.
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