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An overview of the main development directions of non-inductive axial capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-18
At present, my country's capacitor industry is really in the stage of rapid development of integrating into the international market. It is my country's sunrise industry. The production of non-inductive axial capacitors in my country has become the world's third largest production base in developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. Non-inductive axial capacitors have a large proportion of export volume, and they are truly strengthening their efforts to the international market in an all-round development. Therefore, it is very important to be familiar with WTO rules and actively integrate into the market. This is also our country’s current One of the important issues that needs to be solved in development, the future development of our capacitor industry will need to adapt to more environmental regulations and responsibility requirements. As early as in Europe in 2002, the European Union meeting had already passed ROHS and pointed out that the directive on prohibiting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment and the WEEE directive, which is the waste electronic equipment directive. my country has also issued regulations on the management of pollution prevention and control of store information products. The requirements for green electronic products implemented in 2005 have aroused widespread concern in the industry. At the same time, an industry standard worthy of everyone’s attention is the implementation of SA8000. SA8000 is another international standard that has had a significant impact on the world after the release of ISO14000. It pays more attention to employees than to product quality and environmental protection. The emphasis on rights and labor conditions is directly linked to the social responsibility an enterprise should undertake, and it has also attracted widespread attention in the capacitor industry. At present, the non-inductive axial capacitor has been developing in several directions of digitalization, high-frequency speech, multi-function and portability. In order to better adapt to this pace, it needs to develop in accordance with the rules and advance with it. Inductive axial capacitance is also necessary to keep up with this pace.
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