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Analysis of the working principle of capacitor step-down | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-06
Capacitor step-down is the use of capacitors to pass high frequencies and resist low frequencies. When the capacitor is connected to a power frequency circuit, it produces a large capacitive reactance to the power frequency alternating current, thereby achieving the purpose of voltage division. According to this feature, if we connect a resistive element in series with a 1uF capacitor, the voltage obtained at both ends of the resistive element and the power consumption it generates completely depend on the characteristics of the resistive element. For example, we connect a 110V/8W light bulb with a 1uF capacitor in series, and when it is connected to an AC voltage of 220V/50Hz, the light bulb is lit and emits normal brightness without being burnt. Because the current required by the 110V/8W bulb is 8W/110Vu003d72mA, it is consistent with the current-limiting characteristics produced by the 1uF capacitor. Therefore, the capacitor step-down is actually the use of capacitive reactance to limit current. The capacitor actually plays a role in limiting the current and dynamically distributing the voltage across the capacitor and the load.
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