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【 Application 】 ShenMao capacitance romoss罗马结构65 w usb pd氮化镓充电器ac65c

by:Shenmao     2021-01-01
ShenMao electronic subsoil 36 years, aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry for aluminium electrolytic capacitor on the power supply application has the rich production experience and some application examples. Today, we share a story about ROMOSS roma (65 w USB charger AC65C PD gallium nitride and dismantling. * note: in this paper, materials and pictures from the 充电头网】 Related teardown report. * since 2020, gallium nitride quickly usher in rapid development, especially in the period of 65 w power, whether mobile phone brands or electrical goods brand, will it as their main product series. Stand-up, double, three, etc various forms of products were listed, and overwhelmed. Roman shi also recently launched a 65 w gallium nitride charger. The charger appearance, Rome (65 w gallium nitride product box front ROMOSS brand, the charger appearance figure, AC65C model, product name and other information. Roman shi the gallium nitride charger adopts PC flame retardant materials white case, flat cuboid box model, the corners are surface transition, top surface printed with ROMOSS brands and 65 w. Bottom is equipped with folding gb pins. 出口端部署一个usb- c介面,介面响遍印有闪电快充路标。 净重约为92克。 Using ChargerLAB POWER - z kt001检测usb- c口出口协议,显示支持苹果2。 4 a、三星5 v / 2 a和dcp会谈,以及qc2。 0,QC3。 和fcp快充会谈。 In addition, the message show the USB - the PDO c口回收支持usb导演。 快充标准,备齐,5 v3a 9 v3a 12 v3a 15 v3a, 20这次。 25 five gear fixed voltage and 3 a. 3 - 21 v / 3 a一组pps电压档位。 Second, the roma (65 w gallium nitride charger disassemble break at the bottom of the shell, edge encapsulated by ultrasonic welding technology. Direct and PCB for welding metal shrapnel. 电路板使用大面积黄铜散热片炮裹来均匀散热,续有绝缘收回塑胶板进行隔离。 Look for PCB components glue on the surface of the fixed and the help of thermal conductivity. The silica gel, the board a positive view. In the back board. 立公园通过转帐资金正背面pcb板电路路上有一分析,发现罗马结构65 w usb pd氮化镓充电器聘用了开关电源宽范围输出来,由会谈晶片控制出口电压的典型架结构。 Let's start from the input to understand the various components. 延时保险丝规格为2 a 250 v; The common-mode inductor is used to filter out next to the EMI interference. 安规x电容特写,右侧pwm日本晶片供电信电话公司容来自koshin申茂电子,规格100 v 1μf。 归于黄色压敏电阻特写,用进口过度电压保护。 330 filter inductance features. hbs610整流桥。 470 inductance and the other a common-mode inductor. 日本pwm主要控晶片供电信电话公司容规格为100 v 1μf。 Capacitance on the side of the small plate will be removed, a small plate cover metal mask mask, secondary side also paste with insulating tape. USB - C mother close-up, metal shell with dustproof adhesive tape, on the right side is the output current sampling resistance. Apart completely, to a family portrait. 罗马结构这款65 w氮化镓快充充电器招聘招聘超薄设计沧桑感,体积仅相当于传统65 w充电器缩小了60%; 同时还部署了折叠插脚,进一步增加了充电器的易收纳性和便携性。 Performance, this charger is not only support USB PD3. pps会谈,相容qc3收回。 0,QC2。 ,fcp等多种快充会谈。 可爱愚苹果、华为、三星、小米、魅族等多枚品牌平板电脑或手机快速充电,实现一架使用。 申茂电子除铝电解电容产品,更有导电性高分子固语态铝电解电容,备齐,超薄型高容等于高、低esr、可爱靠性等特点。 欢迎来电谘询。
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