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by:Shenmao     2021-03-16
The saying goes well! Audiophiles play with speakers and low-level enthusiasts play with tubes and op amps! Intermediate enthusiasts play with capacitors and cables and transformers. Senior enthusiasts play silver paper (money)! As long as there are millions of money seriously! I wonder if you are all worried about tuning the sound of your love machine? My Zhiru has no advanced experience knowledge! High fever is not a long time! Only from playing with op amps and amplifiers to now playing with wires! I have been playing audio capacitors for several months in the middle! No prawns have rich experience! Hold the electric Luo iron in your hand and wave it left and right! Ended some experience. Communicate with everyone! Don't take it off if you show your ugliness! Now there are many and miscellaneous brands of audio capacitors! Want your machine to make a good noise! It is not feasible to use the same brand of capacitors uniformly! This will cause the sound source to be too extreme. Each needs to be matched (in my opinion). It is very important that the correct audio capacitor is used in the correct location. Whether it is appearance, style, system control or sound quality, audio capacitors are becoming more and more advanced. Experienced electronic engineers are using different circuits to design their ideal audio amplifiers. Many traditional high-power audio amplifiers now have an output power of more than 100 watts per channel, and most of them use discrete circuit components. Therefore, in order to ensure the stability and sound effect of the output, engineers need to spend a lot of energy to match and adjust the high-fidelity audio amplifier.
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