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Audio capacitor-quality comparable to foreign brands in the United States|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-17
In May 2018, the boss of an audio company in Jiangmen contacted me and asked if I have the following specifications of audio capacitors, which are used for exporting with crossovers. According to the standard size, the quality needs to be good. The customers used to use imports. Brand, the cost is relatively high, I hope to purchase from excellent domestic suppliers, the quality needs to be comparable to international brands, and the price needs to have an advantage. We hope our capacitors can be used in conjunction with imported ones. Ms. Shi of our company explained to customers that the audio capacitor on the audio crossover is our main product, and the quality and price are very advantageous. So I gave the customer a quote, and the customer said the price was very reasonable. Ms. Shi gave the customer 5 confirmation samples for each model. After about a month of confirmation, the customer responded to the samples very satisfied in June. The customer said that he would first arrange a purchase contract for hundreds of small batches of trial production. After working together for half a year, the customer has feedback some suggestions from foreign customers. I hope that the lead of the audio capacitor can be made thicker for the next batch of orders. I am very happy that the customer can provide valuable comments. Replying to the customer’s request, the wire diameter can be 1.2MM. After meeting the customer's requirements, the order started from small batches to 3KPCS orders.
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