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Can all capacitors be made into box capacitors? What is the corresponding capacitor model?

by:Shenmao     2021-05-06
The reason why capacitors are made into box capacitors is that certain specific use environments have extremely high temperature resistance to components, and the performance of capacitors is competent. At that time, the temperature resistance is far from reaching the standard, so the invention began to be used. The box puts the capacitor in it, which is also called the box capacitor nowadays. In the process of changing to a box type capacitor, the engineer found that after changing the shell to a box, the size of the box can be adjusted, which means that more space can be saved, and the volume of the capacitor will be smaller. This temperature resistance The shell of a capacitor box with high performance and good flame retardancy cannot be applied to all capacitors, such as electrolytic capacitor styles. The raw materials of this type of capacitor contain electrolyte, and liquids cannot be stored in the capacitor box well. Like ceramic chip capacitors, this type of capacitor is already very small in terms of volume. In addition, the raw materials of ceramic chip capacitors have high temperature resistance, so there is no need to use a box to ensure temperature resistance, while metal film capacitors are This kind of capacitor is often used in the box. The box capacitors that can be commonly found are basically metal film capacitors. After the metal film capacitors are replaced with box capacitors, in order to facilitate the classification of capacitors, they are unified on the basis of the original models, followed by the word B, which is also the abbreviation of BOX (box) in English, such as CBB21-B, this The kind is that it is a CBB21 capacitor, which is replaced by the case of the box, and some capacitors themselves are installed in the box, such as the CL71 correction capacitor, CBB61 starting capacitor, and MKP capacitor. These types of capacitors are all made of the box as the case. Yes, so the abbreviation BOX will not be added specifically afterwards.
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