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Can super capacitors replace cbb capacitors?

by:Shenmao     2021-04-16
Supercapacitors were born in the 1970s. It is a technology based on aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The capacity unit is F (Farad). Its most important feature is high capacity and low withstand voltage. Supercapacitors have begun to gradually ban batteries. Supercapacitors are characterized by fast charging and discharging, and the cycle of cyclic charging and discharging is as many as 100,000 times. The service life and environmental protection of the product are better than batteries, but the cost control and technical problems of the industry are not yet large. Ban the battery market. Since the role of supercapacitors is so powerful, is there any possibility of banning cbb capacitors? The answer is very difficult. It is not clear that supercapacitors cannot ban cbb capacitors, and even some other ordinary plug-in capacitors. It is just that the technical problems of their own design technology have not been achieved, so it is impossible to ban cbb capacitors at present. This kind of ordinary plug-in capacitors, cbb capacitors do not occupy much energy storage in the environment of use, most of them are resonance, decoupling, coupling and other auxiliary functions on some circuits. This is a super capacitor and It does not have some functions, and the withstand voltage of the super capacitor itself is very low, so there is very little volume that can be made, but the withstand voltage is too low to run on the general circuit and it is easy to be damaged by breakdown. Use the super capacitor on the circuit board. On the other hand, a series of components are needed to modify the circuit to assist the use of supercapacitors, which does not work in terms of cost. In the short term, there is no way for supercapacitors to replace ordinary plug-in capacitors such as cbb capacitors. However, with the development of new materials and technological upgrades, there will be a great possibility that supercapacitors are also used in electronic product circuit boards used by the general public. Improve, like when the chip capacitor was first developed, no one could imagine how small a capacitor could be so superior in performance, so the market for chip capacitors has always been a component in the field of high-end electronic products, and can produce chip capacitors. There are not many manufacturers, which is the problem of superior technology.
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