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Can XPP capacitors improve audio quality?

by:Shenmao     2021-07-04
When friends who like to tinker with audio are improving or making crossovers, they must have contacted or heard of XPP capacitors for the options of capacitors. What type of capacitors are XPP capacitors? Can the sound quality of audio be improved? Friends with sensitive ears and high requirements for sound quality are particularly harsh on the sound quality of high-pitched, mid-range, and deep bass. What is insensitive to sound quality is that there is no gap between loud and low voices. This is the reason for this audience, the sound quality level. Inconsistent, to give a simpler example, there are tens of thousands to a few pieces like earphones. For people who are not sensitive to sound quality, they are earphones. There is no difference in sound. The capacitors used in audio crossovers are also cheap and expensive. For example, MKT-type capacitors can also be used for crossovers, because there is no difference in sound quality, but friends who are interested in sound quality are not the same. Yes, the sound quality of the sound made with good components is the most enjoyable for them. XPP capacitors and MKT capacitors are all polypropylene capacitors. Friends who know the capacitance of polypropylene will know that they are often used. The material of CBB capacitors, for XPP capacitors and MKT capacitors, why don’t they start with CBB, it can only be said that the name cannot be unified. Once they are accustomed to the market, they cannot be changed. XPP capacitors are much better than MKT capacitors in terms of raw materials and manufacturing processes. XPP capacitors have a smaller tangent loss angle and a smaller leakage current, and have more stable accuracy. In the audio circuit, the performance of the components is more accurate, and the sound quality It will be more within the results of their own calculations. Transparent synthetic materials are used in XPP capacitors, and not every capacitor manufacturer has the technology, which leads to high prices. At present, there are only a handful of capacitor manufacturers that can produce XPP capacitors in the market. XPP capacitors are improving the original There is a significant improvement in audio quality. If you want to replace it yourself, try to choose a well-known brand in terms of purchase, and beware of some refurbished XPP capacitors.
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