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Capacitance can be as a battery, and the operation!

by:Shenmao     2020-12-03

capacitance can be as a battery, and the operation! Generally can not do with capacitance to battery, the following specific look at with ShenMao capacitor manufacturer. But in special occasions can save electricity, such as some occasions to save information for a period of time is not lost, you can use the button battery or super capacitor. This kind of super capacitor in a ferrari or so commonly volume and button batteries. But even if such a capacitance can only stay a few days or so. Can't be used as power supply. Ordinary electrolytic capacitor capacity is too young to do the battery, super capacitor can do battery but there are two features to grasp and solve. 1. On both ends of the capacitor voltage will decrease with the discharge process, need DC - DC converted into a stable output voltage, 2. Generally a single capacitive pressure only 2. 5 ~ 2. Series 7 v, need to use, after the series to solve the problem of voltage balance, need balance sheet, and the resistance can also but will waste electricity. 3. The cost is higher, 2. 5 v600f to 25 ~ 30 yuan a, only the equivalent of a 500 ma rechargeable battery power, but the weight is 5 ~ 6 times heavier than 500 ma batteries, volume is 10 times
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