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Capacitance increases the kidnapper found! 8 home appliance enterprise monopoly price by collective punishment

by:Shenmao     2020-11-26
According to media reports, the European Union ( EU) European commission 21st that poor artists nine companies such as violation of EU competition law, in view of the widely used in smart phones, home appliances, auto parts and other USES of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum electrolytic capacitor for price monopoly, which sanyo electronics ( Sanyo Electric) Panasonic (with its parent company 松下) Is involved, but due to surrender expose the monopoly case from fines. As a result, 8 of them open about two companies combined. A 5. 4 billion euro ( About 19. 800 million yuan) Fine. Vesta ( Margrethe Vestager) Said, in collusion with 8 companies, sacrifice capacitor consumers in the market, to increase their own interests. In addition to sanyo electronics ( Sanyo Electric) Matsushita electric (with its parent company 松下) , be deemed enterprise monopoly capacitance price respectively is Hitachi chemical ( HitachiChemical) , Lu Bigong ( Rubycon) , Elna, NEC Tokin, Vishay, Vishay Polytech, loose end ( Matsuo) , nichicon ( Nichicon) , better artists ( Nippon Chemi- Con) 。 Among them, the poor artist was fined 97. 9 million euros ( About 7. 6. 4 billion yuan) , fines, followed by Nichicon was fined 72. 9 million euros ( About 5. 6. 9 billion yuan) , calendar into being about 18 million euros ( About 1. 400 million yuan) 。 The European commission, found that in 1998 - 2012 years, the enterprise market, conspiracy to manipulate capacitor exchange business sensitive information, including future prices, pricing objectives and the supply and demand information, they also secret pricing agreement. Although participating companies are Japanese companies, and negotiation meeting mostly in Japan, but the monopoly behavior is operating on a global scale. Good artists such as capacitor factory penalty is not the first time. In March 2016, the Japan fair trade commission issued a press release announced that due to the violation of the anti-monopoly law, the reason for poor artists such as Japan's five aluminum electrolytic capacitor/tantalum electrolytic capacitor factory penalty, fine totaled 6. 69796 billion yen. Among them, the better artist fine about 14. About 36, 3. 5 billion yen, Nichicon. About 10, 400 million yen, Rubycon. 6. 7 billion yen, the pine tail motor ( 松尾电) About 4. 2. 7 billion yen, NEC corporation NEC Tokin about 1. 2. 7 billion yen. Japan's fair trade commission pointed out that the capacitor manufacturer in 2010 & ndash; — During 2011, to research the nominal, or individual talks, to discuss the product price, decided to rise jointly. Lehman storm in 2008 and the 311 earthquake in 2011, because the sales fall, the above capacitor factory was carried out to ensure their own profits to control prices, joint monopoly behavior. Technology companies should look to occupy the market through product innovation, beyond the competitors, rather than a monopoly market together, and monopoly price, this kind of behavior should be heavy penalties under the antitrust laws. Shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. Is a collection of sales and production for the integration of comprehensive enterprise, professional development, production of various kinds of electronic components, high end quality of the products reached the international advanced level of similar products, its main business: ShenMao electrolytic capacitor sold at home and abroad, is committed to looking for long-term partners.
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