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Capacitor common failures have?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-01

capacitor common failures have? Under the common failure has the following four aspects, together with capacitor manufacturer ShenMao know. 1, components: open capacitor after open, not the role of the capacitor. Different capacitor in the circuit fault, open circuit circuit of different specific failure phenomenon. Such filtering capacitor hum appears after the open circuit, coupling capacitance silent after open circuit, etc. 2, components breakdown: capacitor after the breakdown, losing the role of the capacitor, the capacitor for pathways between two pins, blocking effect of capacitor disappear, circuit of the dc fault occurs, thus affect the communication work state. 3, components leakage: capacitor leakage, led to the decrease of the capacitor insulation performance between the two plates, the plates, and leakage resistance between direct current flow through capacitor, straight insulation performance of capacitors, capacitor capacity declined. When the coupling capacitor leakage, will lead to large noise. This is a small capacitor failure high incidence of failure, but also difficult to fault detection. 4, after electrify breakdown: capacitor plus working voltage breakdown, after it again when the power is characterized by no breakdown, multimeter testing as it does not breakdown characteristics, current situation measuring dc voltage at the ends of the capacitor is zero or low, capacitance performance deteriorate.
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