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by:Shenmao     2021-06-15
During the period from February to March of the epidemic, Shenmao Capacitors provided more than a hundred special capacitors for mask machines. While ensuring the quality of special capacitors for mask machines, it also completed the customer's delivery in time. During this period, the consumption of special capacitors for mask machines was purchased. The author is also very clear that because many capacitor factories are in the worst-hit areas of the epidemic, they cannot complete the supply. Only a few capacitor factories can provide special capacitors for mask machines, so they have transferred their orders to capacitor manufacturers that can still produce, Shenmao Capacitors. It is one of them. Shenmao capacitor manufacturers have not disappointed the expectations of all manufacturers, and they have done their best to complete the production tasks and complete the delivery within the delivery time! The special capacitor for mask machine refers to the CBB81 capacitor series, CBB80 capacitor, bolt electrolytic capacitor, etc., and the special capacitor that the mask machine needs to use is mainly the CBB81 capacitor, and the most widely used specifications are 104J1600V and 334J1600V, a line of a mask machine The board needs at least several CBB81 capacitors, so the CBB81 capacitors for mask machines are basically out of stock during this period! The mask machine capacitors were robbed when they were produced. There are even a lot of mask machine manufacturers waiting in the capacitor factory. As soon as CBB81 capacitors are produced, they will be purchased as soon as possible! There are also electronic cities stocking offline, some of which were CBB81 capacitors from last year or earlier, and they were also swept away! It can be said that Shenmao Capacitor feels pressure during this period of time! Under the power of production workers, it is necessary to rationally arrange the existing working hours on the job, once the rest time was cancelled, and there are vacancies in raw materials, because some materials for the special capacitors for mask machines need to be imported from abroad, but due to the foreign epidemic situation As a result, many trades cannot be carried out. Shenmao Capacitor materials manufacturers all over the country have searched for them, spending several times higher than before, buying raw materials! Because labor and materials are expensive, the price of capacitors for mask machines has risen again and again! In order to stabilize the price of special capacitors for mask machines, Shenmao does not hesitate to sell them at normal prices, indirectly guiding the market price to gradually stabilize! Now, in order to stabilize the raw materials for mask machine capacitors with variable prices every day, Shenmao Capacitor has produced a large number of CBB81 capacitors for mask machines, including 334J1600V/104J1600V, etc.! In order to allow consumers to use the cheap CBB81 capacitor for mask machine!
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