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Capacitor Quotation|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-05
Capacitor quotation refers to asking the other capacitor manufacturer to provide the capacitor price when you see a suitable capacitor. This stage is commonly called quotation. Each purchase form has its own different capacitor quotation form. This article is popular. Here are some common capacitor quotation procedures, I hope it can help you. 1. Conventional capacitor quotation This type of capacitor quotation is mentioned in the opening article. The capacitor manufacturer is required to provide the capacitor price. In most cases, the purchaser contacts the capacitor manufacturer and proposes the specifications and models of the capacitors that you want. The reply can meet the requirements of the purchase, and then directly quote to the purchase. If the purchase feels appropriate, the order will be placed. This situation is when the purchase of urgent materials is more urgent, and the other is that the capacitor manufacturer's reply can meet the purchase requirements and purchase requirements. Provide samples for testing and then consider whether to buy. The capacitor manufacturer may charge a certain sample fee or not. In this case, the sample price quotation will be formed. Generally, the regular quotation will be several times more expensive, because the number of samples is usually less than a dozen and may be a few cents or a few cents. The more expensive ones are only a few dollars, so the cash is charged. The sample fee is a bit more expensive, but like Shenmao capacitor manufacturers, they will generally return the sample fee to the customer after the customer places a formal order. 2. Electronic mall capacitor quotation here refers to various online malls. After purchasing a suitable capacitor on the Internet, you will directly place an order for purchase. The capacitors in the online mall are generally in stock, and the price is still marked. This is a company that is very demanding for small-volume capacitor purchases and the delivery time is very urgent. However, some online shopping malls have capacitors subject to bargaining. In this case, you can directly ask the merchant for a quotation, and the merchant will ask the other party to provide the purchase quantity. Give a quotation, but the capacitor supplier found in the online mall must pay attention to the guaranteed transaction, so that there is a certain degree of guarantee for product quality problems! 3. Offline capacitor quotation here refers to the quotation of capacitors for real offline transactions. There are two situations in this case: ①The first is that the number of capacitors purchased by customers is really large, and they cannot bear the product quality risk, so they will choose to travel on their own Visit the capacitor supplier’s factory to ensure the advanced status of the production equipment, the number of production staff, and the strength of the Ru0026D technical team. If the final judgement is okay, then the capacitor manufacturer will meet the requirements of the salesman or business manager face-to-face. Quotation and bargaining, this is a relatively large offline capacitor quotation ②The second is the local electronic city to buy capacitors, these are also the offline quotation and transaction mode, this is also a small batch and very urgent capacitor procurement requirements , You will choose to purchase capacitors in the electronic city near you. The capacitors of these electronic cities are not clearly marked, and they are also quoted after customers’ inquiries. However, the form of transactions in the electronic city really needs to be carefully considered because of these places. The capacitors purchased are gathering places where quality problems frequently occur.
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