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cbb Capacitor Transfer Order-Choose a strong supplier

by:Shenmao     2021-06-30
Customer enquiry at the end of 2017: CBB capacitor 684J400V was used in power supplies. The customer told me that many of them were blown up, and the defect rate reached 30%. All the products have been returned by the end customer and the customer has been fined. Ms. Shi of our company told the customer that it may be that the withstand voltage of the capacitor is insufficient, or the peak withstand voltage on the circuit exceeds 400V. It is necessary to communicate with the technology in detail to confirm the problem. After communication and confirmation by the engineers of both parties, appropriate modifications were made on the circuit. Our company provides customers with 400V and 630V cbb capacitor samples for testing. In the end, the customer chose 630V and asked me to apply for 500 samples to continue the small batch test one month later. In March 2018, the customer asked me to arrange a 10K small batch trial production. So far, customer purchases of this capacitor have exceeded 300K, and other specifications of cbb capacitors are constantly being transferred to our company for production.
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