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Ceramic capacitor leakage short circuit analysis of the causes

by:Shenmao     2020-10-18
Capacitor in use process, if appear improper use or other external factors, are there will be a failure or damage. Especially for the ceramic capacitor, ceramic capacitor leakage problem also often plagued many engineers. The first is caused by dirt on the surface of the surface of the insulation, this kind of leakage current is not very big, is generally microamps level, hot air blow blow insulation value will rise. Second internal crack, there are caused by welding cracks and ceramics capacitor manufacturing bad with crack. This kind of crack caused by the leakage current will continue to rise, cause local fire when serious. Many of the company's technical staff can analyze whether for capacitance. Because once touched, the soldering iron or heat up, will be back to normal, many engineers are often error analysis for the solder paste problem, many people meet for the first time also have no right, only the second time accurate analysis, the microscope, the samples is indeed a capacitance has a problem. For ceramic capacitor leakage in terms of reliability, belongs to the typical low stress failure, monolithic capacitors, relays, polyester capacitor has these problems. If you don't clean result in power supply, its work under this dc voltage abnormal after a certain period of time, will the leakage, and increase over time more and more, more and more serious. Ceramic capacitor is a ceramic material used as dielectric, the ceramic surface coated with a layer of metal film, then through high heat sintering as electrodes of a capacitor. Is typically used for high and stable in the oscillation circuit, as a loop, bypass capacitors and padding capacitor. In the process of making ceramic capacitor, we have the short circuit, what causes the short circuit? Short circuit is a power supply without load and directly by the wires connected into a closed circuit. Refers to the current don't have to pick up when short-circuit current, equivalent to find a wire directly when the batteries are connected to the positive and negative current. The cause of ceramics capacitors short-circuit appear as follows: 1) Quality closes nevertheless, 2) High pressure appear breakdown 3) Voltage instability 4) Reserve margin is not enough 5) The environment temperature is beyond the scope to use 6) In the process of transportation cause damage of ceramic capacitors. In addition to some of our attention in their everyday life, we should pay attention to the quality in the process of purchasing and after-sales guaranteed, can avoid unnecessary trouble. Shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. , specialized in manufacturing safety capacitance, ceramics capacitors, varistors, film capacitors, monolithic capacitors more high-quality capacitor in JEC. Professional manufacturer, the quality you worthy of trust. If you have any test requirements can contact us, can provide free samples for you test.
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