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Electrolytic capacitor of the cleaning and maintenance solutions

by:Shenmao     2020-12-12
This paper first introduces the super capacitors cues, electrode materials and electrolyte is reviewed. Discharge it as electrode materials can be fast and efficient, can work under high pressure, do not need to charge and discharge control circuit, long service life, wide temperature, not pollution situation. 3 ionic liquid electrolytes is a liquid at room temperature ionic liquids, consists only of ionic substances. Four of the last cycle stage of low temperature constant humidity test premise should link in 5 ℃ temperature + ℃, relative humidity of no less than 5%. 年代。 w。 Hwang, etc. [ 18] Preparation of benzodiazepines formaldehyde organic aerosols thermal differentiation for making carbon aerogel, specific capacitance is more ideal. Super capacitors and static electrolytic capacitor and battery both interests. It has both popular electrostatic electrolytic capacitor discharge power, and battery as excellent savings charge ability. Micro electrode structure, the electrode to make three-dimensional three-dimensional structure can get an overview of the product of the eve of the more, more conducive to load of electrode active material, and guarantee the enrichment of active material, thus to improve the charge storage function. Situations of some previous releases in this is: - — 6 gb followed the development of material science, electric capacity, can gradually to the high storage type, small, light quality, low cost, high reliable growth targets such as purpose, in recent years, with care calls for more and more high, lead materials by the eve of the limit, the traditional PZT base pressure electric ceramic porcelain by in includes the eve of the pb, the manufacture and use has been restricted, batio3 ceramic material once again become a research hotspot. Because interface is a base, two layers of charge can't across the gap between he and, thus forming the electric double layer capacitors [ 5] 。 1 the electric double layer capacitance theory in 1853, German physicist helmhotz first puts forward the concept of electric double layer capacitors [ 6] 。 For an iphone with this super is full of electricity only need 5 seconds. But because of low dielectric withstand voltage, leakage current, the stored energy and the connecting time is limited. But this kind of electrode materials preparation technology of heavy and complicated, time-consuming and expensive, commercialization and necessary distance.
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