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Electrolytic capacitor sophisticated ( Aging) Process conditions

by:Shenmao     2020-12-14
After casing products, according to provisions of polarity and the dc voltage, through core package working electrolyte electrochemical reaction, the damage in the production of dielectric oxide film to repair, to restore its good performance of natural process, known as the sophisticated. In the sophisticated process applying sophisticated voltage is over the surface of the oxide film on & ndash; The electric field, broken hydrated oxide film, Hydrated oxide film is easy damaged, the structure compact oxidation film as medium, ILC can from hydrated oxide film, and not from the medium by oxide film. ) To restore its dielectric properties of oxide film, under the action of electric field at the same time, the working electrolyte for oxygen, make the production that was broken in the process of oxidation film to be able to repair. The real purpose of sophisticated technology is: ( 1) Restore the inherent performance, the capacitor has the conditions of use; ( 2) To eliminate substandard products. In addition, the oxide film formed in the current density is much bigger than at vet capacitance current density. Thus, sophisticated, unlike formation, sophisticated is in low voltage and low current situation, is often done in nonaqueous solution, the repair process of oxide film only is slow, and form is in the condition of high voltage, high current, formation fluid is water solution. The essence of the sophisticated process is: will macerate crosses the electrolyte capacitor core after encapsulation further dynamic of semi-finished products ( Dc voltage) Curing process, through pressure restore its inherent performance, the capacitor with the capacitor in the dynamic conditions used in the electronic circuit. As a result, the number of power capacitor in sophistication must have before and after the change. Thus, electric capacity of capacitor CR, loss tangent tgδ LL, leakage current decreased, after sophisticated is restored to its inherent performance. Values etc. Note: CR, tgδ In sophisticated after 1 h, the stable, only the leakage current and the extension of time. So the determination of time and temperature in the sophisticated technology mainly depends on the leakage current, how to grasp this & other; C & throughout; Is the key to determine the sophisticated technology.
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