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Guide for the selection of aluminum electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-11-10
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made the anode, aluminum cylinder filled with liquid electrolyte, insert a crooked ribbon do the anode is made. Also need to be treated with dc voltage, make the positive plate is formed on a layer of oxide film as medium. It is characterized by large capacity, but the leakage is big, poor stability, has the positive and negative polarity, suitable for power filtering or low frequency circuits. When using, is don't pick up the cathode. Compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitor in series resistance, inductance, the stability of temperature has more advantages. But, its working voltage is low. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor voltage rating of 1. Three times as surge voltage of capacitor, the voltage is higher than 160 v, is the rated working voltage + 50 v as the surge voltage, this is the manufacturers guarantee voltage, can allow the voltage in a short time. Capacitor in surge voltage, electric current is mucus, who is normally 10 to 15 times, but time is too long, will burst open. So generally choose to choose high voltage aluminum capacitor, the voltage is suitable for 70-80% of the nominal voltage. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor main guide to apply for the following 9 points: 1. Electrolytic capacitor credentials in the filter circuit and the circumstances take voltage noise peak value of 1. 2 - - 1. Five times, in fact not credentials filter circuit rating; 2. Electrolytic capacitor may direct contact and surrounding the fever components. 3. Under the electrolytic capacitor is can not have welding plate and the hole. 4. Don't overload voltage should be used. 5. Should not be used for fast charging and discharging are needed, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, should choose out the design of capacitor with longer life. 6. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are negative, must not add reverse voltage and ac voltage, in areas may reverse voltage on the non-polar capacitor should be used. 一个。 Dc voltage jade wenbo sewing voltage is lower than the rating voltage after superposition. b。 More than two hour of electrolytic capacitor in series to consider using balancing resistor, makes each capacitor on the voltage in the range of its rated. 7. Circuit board design, should pay attention to the capacitance, explosion-proof valve top may have any line that, and should set aside space free for more than 2 mm. 8. Among design circuit boards shall confirm the fever components is not close to the aluminum electrolytic or below the electrolytic capacitor. 9. Electrolytic also main chemical solvents and electrolytic paper as tinder, and electrolyte conductivity. When the electrolyte in contact with the PC board, could erode the PC board on the line. That the smoke or fire. Is there should be no line under the electrolytic capacitor. Conclusion: above points should be paid attention to when choosing aluminum electrolytic capacitor, assure to be able to choose suitable electrolytic capacitor. Shenzhen ShenMao band is a manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors, its main do brand capacitance & other; ShenMao & throughout; The quality of the products reached the international advanced level of similar products, sell well both at home and abroad.
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