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IGBT capacitor knowledge

by:Shenmao     2021-07-05
IGBT snubber protection capacitor 1. What is IGBT? IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)-insulated gate bipolar transistor, is a composite fully controlled voltage-driven power semiconductor composed of a bipolar transistor and an insulated gate field effect transistor Device. It has the advantages of both the high input impedance of MOSFET and the low on-voltage drop of GTR. IGBT combines the advantages of the above two devices, with low driving power and reduced saturation voltage. IGBT module is a modular semiconductor product that is packaged by IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor chip) and FWD (freewheeling diode chip) through a specific circuit bridge; the packaged IGBT module is directly used Inverter, UPS uninterruptible power supply and other equipment. IGBT modules have the characteristics of energy saving, convenient installation and maintenance, and stable heat dissipation. Currently, most of the products sold on the market are such modular products. Generally speaking, IGBT also refers to IGBT modules. With the advancement of energy saving and environmental protection concepts, this Such products will become more and more common in the market. 2. What is a snubber capacitor? In the application circuit of electronic power devices, a snubber circuit must be designed, that is, a snubber circuit. The absorbing capacitor plays a role in the circuit similar to a low-pass filter, which can absorb the spike voltage. Usually used in insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) to eliminate the spike voltage caused by the stray inductance of the busbar and avoid damage to the insulated gate bipolar transistor. It is suitable for the 'across-the-bus' industries such as AC motors, inverters, switching power supplies, lighting circuits, rail transit, hybrid vehicles, inverter welding machines, solar/wind power new energy equipment converters, etc. Power circuit design and traction drive and other fields cover all IGBT module regions to absorb and protect the peak voltage. 3. IGBT absorption protection capacitor Shenmao has launched high-performance double-sided metallized polypropylene film buffer absorption capacitors-SMIT series products in terms of electronic circuit IGBT modules. This model product is designed for IGBT modules, and the capacitors can be directly installed in On the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module, the capacity is from 0.047uF to 9.0uF, and the operating temperature range is -40℃ to +110℃. It can withstand high pulses and high peak currents, which can reduce When the voltage and current spikes caused by switching IGBT, this type of spike is an important source of electromagnetic interference (EMI). The following is the specification of SMIT products: ①Main purpose: widely used in IGBT buffer absorption power electronic equipment, switching devices are off Absorption and protection of peak voltage and peak current during time ②Features: low loss, low internal temperature rise, negative capacitance temperature coefficient, excellent flame retardant performance
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