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Maintenance and maintenance of metal film capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-26
Metal film capacitors have functions: phase shifting, coupling, voltage reduction, filtering, etc. They are often used in high and low voltage systems to compensate reactive power in parallel, parallel AC high voltage circuit breakers, motor start, voltage division, etc. In addition to consuming active power, power system loads such as electric motors, electric welding machines, induction furnaces and other electrical equipment must 'absorb' reactive power. In addition, the transformers of the power system also require reactive power. If all reactive power is supplied by generators, it is not only uneconomical, but the voltage quality is poor, which affects users' use. Metal film capacitors can 'generate' reactive power in a sinusoidal AC circuit. If the capacitor is connected to a load (motor) or transmission equipment (transformer) in parallel, then the reactive power required by the review or transmission equipment is just right Supplied by capacitors. The function of the capacitor is reactive power compensation. Through reactive power compensation on-site, line energy loss can be reduced; line voltage drop can be reduced, and voltage quality can be improved; and system power supply capability can be improved. Daily patrol inspection items of metal film capacitors: First, check whether it is running under rated voltage and rated current, and the indicated value of the three-phase ammeter should be balanced; second, the bushing is completely clean and free of cracks or discharge; third, each connection line The terminals should be tight and not loose and no heating phenomenon; fourth, no deformation, expansion, or oil leakage of the shell; fifth, no abnormal sound inside the capacitor; sixth, no flashover on the outside, and the outer shell is well grounded; seventh, the capacitor room It should be well ventilated, and the operating environment temperature should not exceed 45°C; eighth, all capacitor protection devices should be put into operation accordingly; ninth, check the capacitor's circuit breaker, transformer, reactor, discharge coil, etc., and there should be no abnormalities.
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