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Metal film capacitor manufacturers explain their technical road | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-02
With the continuous enrichment of electronic product applications, the prospects of metal film capacitor manufacturers will be even brighter. In the future, my country's metal film capacitor industry will present the following development trends: First, the deepening of institutional reforms will accelerate economic growth. With the further implementation of relevant policies to encourage and support the non-public economy by the state, non-public enterprises have emerged and are showing a momentum of rapid development. These enterprises have driven the improvement of the technological level of the industry, broadened sales channels, promoted market prosperity, and strengthened the industry’s economy. vitality.  Second, the growth of foreign exchange earning from exports promotes the strengthening of corporate management. After my country's accession to the WTO, the international market for metal film capacitor manufacturers is basically in a stable state, and export earning requires companies to implement green environmental protection regulations and produce 'green' products that do not contain harmful substances. The enterprise will accelerate the progress in the 'green' process technology, and put forward new issues in the application of 'green' material parts and the improvement of lead-free assembly technology, and implement them.   Third, the market economy will promote technological progress in the industry. Metal film capacitor manufacturers will certainly take the road of technological progress in the future development. Although traditional old products have a market and output, their profit margins are very small and it is impossible to form strong competitiveness. The main profit point of metal film capacitors lies in the new generation of high-end products, the rapid rise of passive integration technology, and the rapid rise of microchips The complete upgrade of the complete machine product provides a technical entry point for metal film capacitor companies to achieve leapfrog development. Metal film capacitors will develop in the direction of high frequency, low loss and chip type with the demand for miniaturization of the whole machine.
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