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by:Shenmao     2021-04-09
Most manufacturing industries do not understand the quality judgment of metallized film capacitors. When receiving the company’s procurement task to purchase the corresponding products, the probability of purchasing inferior products is often higher, which causes the company to be very vulnerable. Loss, here is how to avoid these risks. In the case of not knowing how to judge the quality of metallized film capacitors, the first point that should be considered is not the price, but to find experienced and skilled manufacturers to provide samples that pass the test. Later, I will visit the production equipment and production staff at the factory. After confirming that it is completed, it does not mean that batch orders can be placed. Small batch orders should be placed first. After the test is completed and the delivery time is qualified, the company can boldly cooperate with the manufacturer for a long time. Shenmao has 24.9 years of production history of metallized film capacitors. It is an experienced manufacturer. The factory has many foreign processing equipment. The factory has more than two years of production experience and more than 100 employees. If you are still considering choosing that manufacturer to do Metallized film capacitors, might as well consider us
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