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拆解报告:mi小米18 w qc3。 0 fast electrical MDY - 10 - 艾德

by:Shenmao     2020-12-24
ShenMao electronic subsoil 36 years, aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry for aluminium electrolytic capacitor on the power supply application has the rich production experience and some application examples. Today, we share a story about 18 w QC3 MI millet. 0 fast electrical MDY - 10 - ED the dismantling of the article. * note: in this paper, materials and pictures from the 充电头网】 Related teardown report. Single USB - 18 w * millet A recent electrical MDY - 10 - ed,器身设计简约,表面亮面烤漆聘用工艺处理,usb- A interface support QC2. 0 and QC3. 0 quick charge agreement, 18 w quick charge power can meet the demand of daily charge. Products have passed UL certification NOM certification, Mexico and Brazil NYCE certification, mainly for overseas customers. A, millet USB - 18 w charger port A millet the charger appearance with PC flame retardant materials white body shell, the fuselage surface of bright surface treatment technique of the lacquer that bake, side surface transition between each face, white and smooth as A whole, not restrict the hand when using. 进口端部署是美规插脚固定仪式。 Input shell with millet logo, and on the fuselage shell with traditional Chinese and English with the parameters of the product information model: MDY - 10 - ed进口:100 - 240V~ 50/60Hz 0. 5 a出口:5 v / 3 a, 9 v / 2 a, 12 v / 1。 5 a江苏辰正电子发射制造,产品已经通过了ul,认证qc3高通。 认证,墨西哥会议认证,巴西nyce认证和vi级功能效认证。 充电器顶部中心位置配usb-语句 A interface, white rubber core. 充电器净重约为55 g。 Using ChargerLAB POWER - z kt001检测usb- a口出口协议,显示支持usb- dcp会谈,qc2校对。 0 and QC3. 两个快充会谈。 Second, the millet USB - 18 w charger port A dismantling output using ultrasonic welding between shell and main body shell, it will be removed, USB - A mother interface below with white plastic plate support, mother also use plastic shell package, prevent A foreign body into the charger inside. PCB positive view, transformer and interface between the insulation board in isolation, and the transformer and the surrounding components have glue reinforcement. 设有延时保险丝,ntc浪涌抑制电阻,pwm日本主要控晶片供电信电话公司容和共模电感。 延时保险丝规格为2 a 250 v。 Common-mode inductor bifilar winding, coat with heat shrinkable tube, used to filter the EMI interference. Common-mode inductor using black plastic support, and glue. pcb板侧面一览,依次焊接有两颗初级滤波电解电容,y电容和出口滤波固语态电容。 两颗初级滤波电解电容均来自koshin申茂电子。 普通猫规格均为400 v 15μf,难保友联设计日本内阁总理共30μf。 出口抗干扰蓝颜色y电容,特写来自isnd厦门华信安电子科技有限公司,其招聘串联双重绝缘设计。 工业字电感特写,夹在变压器和电解电容之间,外套有热缩管。 Transformer is placed on the other side of the middle position. 出口端有一颗输出滤波固态电容收回。 The white plastic shell, interface of the mother tongue and white at the bottom of the plastic support plate conjoined design. A view on the back of PCB, hollow out placed between junior secondary white insulation board. From PI SC1548C master control chip, built-in flyback type controller, the primary switch tube, and the secondary measurement detection and synchronous rectifier controller, but also with HIPOT isolation protection integration feedback link, integration is very high. Do not need to match light coupling, when using the built-in multiple protection function. Apart completely. 申茂电子除铝电解电容产品,更有导电性高分子固语态铝电解电容,备齐,超薄型高容等于高、低esr、可爱靠性等特点。 欢迎来电谘询。
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