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Of the potential danger of high voltage capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-11-22
In the high voltage and high voltage capacitance has shed jobs than general. Work under the high voltage capacitor beyond its nominal voltage may be catastrophic damage. Insulation failure may result in the full of oil ( Usually these oil ACTS as isolated from the air) Small arc the insulating liquid evaporation unit, cause the capacitance even explosion bulge and rupture, and explosion of combustible oil make everywhere, fire, damage to nearby equipment. Rigid package of cylindrical glass or plastic capacitance than rectangle packing usually easier to crack, while the latter is not easy to crack under high pressure. Used in the rf circuit and capacitance will be strong in the current environment for a long term overheating, especially the center of the capacitance drum. Even if the external environment temperature is lower, but the heat is not send out in time, gathering in internal could quickly lead to internal heat leading to damage of capacitance. Work in high energy environment of capacitor group, if one fails, made the current suddenly cut off, the other the energy stored in the capacitor will flock to the failed capacitors, it is likely a violent explosion. High voltage vacuum condenser even when used correctly can also send some x-rays. The appropriate sealing, melting ( 融合) And help reduce the risk of these potential preventive can become.
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