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Questions and answers for metal film capacitor manufacturers|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-02
When one of the following situations occurs in the metal film capacitor, the power supply should be cut off immediately. First, the capacitor casing swells or leaks oil. Second, the casing ruptured and flashover occurred. Third, the sound inside the capacitor is abnormal. The temperature of the fourth shell rises above 55°C and the temperature indicator sheet falls off. The common fault handling of metal film capacitors has the following situations. When the capacitor explodes and catches fire, immediately disconnect the power supply and use sand and dry fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. When the fuse of the capacitor is blown, it should be reported to the dispatcher, and the circuit breaker of the capacitor should be opened after approval is obtained. Cut off the power supply to discharge it, and first perform an external inspection, such as whether there are flashover marks on the outside of the bushing, whether the shell is deformed, whether there is a short circuit in the oil leakage and the grounding device, etc., and measure the insulation between the poles and the pole to the ground. Resistance value, if no malfunction is found, it can be put into operation after changing the insurance. If the fuse is still blown after the power is supplied, the faulty capacitor should be withdrawn, and the rest of the power supply should be restored. If the circuit breaker is tripped at the same time as the fuse is blown, it cannot be forced to send at this time. After the above inspection is completed, the insurance must be replaced before investment. Metal film capacitor manufacturers suggest that when dealing with faulty capacitors, you should disconnect the circuit breaker of the capacitor, open the isolation switches on both sides of the circuit breaker, and discharge the capacitor bank. Since the faulty capacitor may have poor lead contact, internal disconnection or fuse, there may still be some charges that have not been discharged. Therefore, the maintenance personnel should wear insulating gloves and short-circuit the faulty capacitor before touching the faulty capacitor. If the two poles are short-circuited, they should be discharged separately.
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