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Screening method of electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-12-11
Electrolytic capacitor is electronic components industry a more difficult to control the quality of components, a lot of quality problems caused by electrolytic capacitor, many manufacturers do not know how to check the quality of electrolytic capacitor, had to spend high price to buy brand-name electrolytic capacitor, it will improve the production cost of enterprises. Electrolytic capacitor manufacturers through the exploration and practice, summarized a set of very effective screening method is introduced and the fixture self-made, whether or counterfeit famous brand, a less known and inferior brand, quality known a try. Principle: electronic ballasts used in electrolytic capacitor pressure values at work is the main problem is not enough or temperature coefficient is poor, causing damage of electrolytic capacitors. This method is to work in the limit of the electrolytic capacitor pressure conditions, through the charge and discharge to test the quality of electrolytic capacitors, if there are conditions to select better at high temperature. If the performance of the electrolytic capacitor is not enough, a little leakage, other storage charge by electrolytic capacitor will be channelled through the capacitor, the results will be poor performance of capacitance. Performance good electrolytic capacitor intact main components selection: T1 with 0 250 v / 1 kw of the lotus root voltage regulator, T2 need to customize, parameter is 500 w, 220/380 v booster type isolation transformer. Dc voltmeter with 1000 v range. Switch S1 and S2 with linkage, best can choose emergency brake switch on the machine tool instead. Light bulbs with normal angelica dahurica lamp is ok. Because of the delay in fuse with a color TV set the fuse. Method: to make a first fixture, can take many under test. Electrolytic capacitor pin fixation, and can be reliably electrical connections. With a box, everything is installed inside the box, voltmeter, bulbs, switches, and the outer surface of the regulating handle in a box, good connection electric circuit can be electrolytic capacitor tested. Instrument debug method: first adjusted the work according to the requirements of aluminum electrolytic capacitor voltage, the electrolytic capacitor mounted on clamping fixture, close the lid and press the power switch, light bulbs flashed at this moment, at the same time the voltmeter pointer on the rise, said circuit for electrolytic capacitor charging, the provisions of the voltage, the light bulb. Rotary switch again, let the switch jumped up, then light the bulb, said electrolytic capacitor discharge, voltmeter pointer falling at the same time. Said the instrument work normally. The rated working voltage of the selection method: under normal circumstances, the rated working voltage selected as electrolytic capacitor voltage of 110 - 120%, such as voltage of 400 v, so work voltage is 440 - Between the 480 v. Such as instrument under the condition of high temperature is selected as the 440 v, under the condition of low temperature is selected as the 480 v. Selection of operation method: first, according to the identity of the electrolytic capacitor set working voltage, turn off the power switch, mount electrolytic capacitor, clamping, cover the lid. Turn on the power switch, off, repeated three times, and then open the power switch, keep half an hour, then switch three times repeatedly, finally turn off the power switch, remove the electrolytic capacitor, this step screening after work. Note: if the explosion in the process of test, rupture, leakage of electrolytic capacitors are nonconforming, other did not appear this kind of circumstance can be considered as qualified products. Comprehensive screening method, of course, also contain capacitance, leakage current and loss Angle detection, the late electrolytic capacitor manufacturer will give you posted the method one by one, for everybody to learn and draw lessons from.
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