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Short circuit capacitor problem analysis and solution

by:Shenmao     2020-11-28
1, capacitor core packages short circuit capacitor winding needle of small diameter core package, tend to the anode foil large mechanical stress and makes the core package internal space is reduced, when the abnormal stress, core covering part of the aluminum foil will be under more pressure to cause local deformation cause short circuit. Common solution: winding diameter increase in volume, buffer homogeneous core package in the anode foil of mechanical stress to prevent aluminum foil part deformation. 2, damage to the condenser surface oxidation film, the short circuit of the oxide film of resistance to voltage and electrolyte flash fire voltage of discharge of the aluminum foil surface oxidation film insulation damage, leading to short circuit. 。 Common solutions: using into high voltage anode foil and the improvement of appropriate electrolyte voltage flash fire. Part 3, capacitor lead and short circuit of electrode foil part of the aluminum foil on the edge of the cut after mouth, lead to foil cutting long mouth, riveting parts of the foil and aluminum foil and so on are likely to have burrs, if not fully repair when the aging, easy to cause relatively short circuit between electrodes. Common solution: widening thickening isolation electrolytic paper reasonably. 4 core package, capacitors with stress deformation caused by short circuit in actual use, capacitor with stress leads to the core package to internal heat, gas explosion, extrusion deformation of the core package, causing short circuit between electrodes. Common solution: to optimize the thermal design of capacitor, strengthening core covering the fixed, improve the ability of capacitor under ripple current, with pressure of cathode foil, improve frequency characteristic of the capacitor, selects the high stability of the anode foil.
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