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Simple classification method of metal film capacitors and other capacitors | Focus on middle and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-07
There are many types of capacitors, and generally they can be summarized into two classification methods. The first category: according to the different types of insulating materials (dielectrics) used. ①Solid inorganic dielectric capacitor. Such as ceramic capacitors, mica capacitors, monolithic capacitors, etc. ②Solid organic dielectric capacitors, such as polyester film capacitors, polypropylene capacitors, polyester capacitors and other metal film capacitors. ③Electrolytic capacitors, such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors (CD) and other electrolytic capacitors. The second category: Classified according to the structure of capacitors. ①Fixed capacitor: a capacitor whose capacitance cannot be changed. ②Variable capacitors and fine-tuning capacitors: Capacitors whose capacitance can be adjusted artificially within a certain range and a small range. It can also be divided into filter capacitors, coupling capacitors, bypass capacitors, etc. according to the application. In short, in general electronic circuits, capacitors basically fall into three categories: fixed capacitors, trimmer capacitors, and electrolytic capacitors. The metal film capacitor is a thin metal layer directly evaporated on the plastic film as an electrode. The metal layer deposited on this evaporation is thinner than the usual metal foil, that is, a metalized film capacitor. For more detailed content, you can call the toll-free hotline 4006299138. Metal film capacitors are generally used in low-frequency circuits, while CBB capacitors in metal film capacitors are used in many circuits with better performance.
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