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Solid-state capacitors will replace aluminum electrolytic capacitor as the mainstream?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-19
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made the anode, aluminum cylinder filled with liquid electrolyte, insert a crooked ribbon do the anode is made. Also need to be treated with dc voltage, make the positive plate is formed on a layer of oxide film as medium. It is characterized by large capacity, but the leakage is big, poor stability, has the positive and negative polarity, suitable for power filtering or low frequency circuits. Across the electrodes use, don't answer the reverse, otherwise easy to cause short circuit. Called the solid-state capacitors: solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor. It with the ordinary capacitance ( The liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor) Biggest difference lies in the different dielectric material, liquid aluminum capacitor dielectric material as the electrolyte, and solid-state capacitor dielectric material is conductive polymer materials. Before this aluminum electrolytic capacitors are commonly used in computer motherboard, but because of its defects, may often appear on the mainboard of aluminum electrolytic capacitor makes the computer is not stable, even lead to the mainboard blowout accident! That's because the mainboard after long time use temperature is too high, cause the electrolyte thermal expansion, aluminum electrolytic capacitor not work and even more than the boiling point lead to boil; Motherboard, on the other hand, in the long run is not electricity, easy to form chemical reaction with alumina, electrolyte boot or energized the explosion phenomenon. So, this defect how to compensate for? Actually very simple, only need to change to solid electrolytic capacitor, these problems can be solved. Solid electrolytic capacitors using electrical conductivity polymer products as dielectric materials, the material was not with alumina, after electrify not explosion phenomenon; At the same time it is solid product, there is no natural burst due to heat expansion. With environmental protection, low resistance, high and low temperature stability, resistance to high ripple and superior properties such as high reliability, is one of the highest rank in the electrolytic capacitor products. Due to the solid capacitance characteristics is far superior to liquid aluminum capacitor, solid-state capacitors and heat-resistant up to 260 degrees Celsius, and electrical conductivity, good frequency characteristic and life are, suitable for low voltage, high current applications, mainly used in digital products such as thin DVD and industrial computer, projector, etc. Although compared to solid electrolytic capacitor in aluminum electrolytic capacitor is more stable performance, long service life, etc, but the production cost compared to aluminum electrolytic capacitor cost much higher, so now commonly used electronic products use more or aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and some high-tech electronic electronic will only to switch to a solid electrolytic capacitor, so said capacitor market is also different.
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