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What are the characteristics and the matters needing attention electrolytic capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-09
What is a electrolytic capacitor, first give you explain what is electrolytic capacitor. Electrolytic capacitor is a capacitor, the capacitor, is hold and release charge electronic components. Metal foil as the anode ( Aluminum or tantalum) With the positive close to metal oxide film ( Alumina or tantalum pentoxide) Is the dielectric, cathode by a conductive material, electrolyte ( The electrolyte can be a liquid or solid) And other materials, because of the electrolyte is a key part of the cathode, electrolytic capacitor hence the name. At the same time, electrolytic capacitor is negative not wrong. According to the classification of electrolytic capacitor: different metal materials, mainly divided into aluminum electrolytic capacitor used in electrolytic capacitor, tantalum electrolytic capacitor and columbium electrolytic capacitor, because we are the most widely used for aluminum electrolytic capacitor, so the introduction of the following is centered about aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The characteristics: the advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, resistance to voltage, impedance, ripple current capability, high and low temperature characteristics, frequency characteristics, small size, large capacity, cheap price, etc. Disadvantages: large leakage, loss ( tanδ ≤ 0. 10 to 0. 28) Time, large capacity error, poor stability, poor quality of insulation, at the same time the ability to withstand overvoltage, easy breakdown, and its capacity, loss of temperature, frequency characteristics, also is very poor, so can only as a rectifier filter in the electronic equipment, audio bypass or low frequency coupling. For dc electrolytic capacitors are polar, used to determine polarity, not against, in order to avoid damage or cause a short circuit capacitor. When circuit using polarity are not fixed or not sure, need to use double polar capacitor. Don't use voltage is greater than the rated voltage, low pressure allowance of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, it is strictly prohibited under the condition of rated voltage is used, the lines of the dc voltage on the capacitor use location with superimposed on the dc voltage of ac pulse or ripple voltage cannot be more than the sum of the rated voltage of capacitor value, otherwise the leakage flow has increased dramatically, and cause short circuit capacitor failure. Usually suggested working voltage shall be the rated voltage value 70 ~ 80% of the voltage range. Do not make excessive ripple current through the capacitor, electrolytic capacitor products usually give maximum allowable ripple current value, due to the condenser core of fever mainly depends on the size of the ripple current through the capacitor. If ripple current exceeds permission value, will cause the capacitor severe fever and damage the capacitor. For the large ripple current, high ripple current of the capacitor is optional, to ensure that the temperature rise in the permitted range. Control capacitor using temperature range due to the characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitor varies with the temperature, the higher working temperature environment, should choose wide temperature ( That is, 105 ℃) Products, according to the experiment, using the drop in temperature 10 ℃, the life expectancy increases 1 times. Formula: L2 = L12T1 - T2) / 10 L1 - Rated life ( In T1 ℃) L2- Real life ( In T2 ℃) T1 - The maximum allowable working temperature T2 - Actual working temperature therefore lower ambient temperature ( Or the use of 105 ℃ high temperature resistant products) , improve the service life of the capacitor will be multiplied. For a long time without electricity deposited aluminum electrolytic capacitor, from low to high slow before using the applied voltage to the rated voltage charging process before using. Capacitor shell ( Aluminum shell) And Yin extreme insulation, the insulation of the installation should pay attention to take measures. Prevent lead root stress, leading to the internal aluminum foil riveting parts damaged, causing a short circuit, open circuit and leakage increase. Therefore in assembly and welding are to be pay attention to process control. At the same time for PCB mounting holes distance must be consistent with the capacitor lead spacing ( Strap assembly) 。 When the capacitor is used in the dc, should a series resistor at the same time, in order to prevent the capacitor at the instant of the charge and discharge excessive current and damage. Note that don't will power resistor and heat sink and other heating element near the next to the aluminum electrolytic capacitor installation, so as not to affect the performance and service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. In case of leakage or at the top of the uplift of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, should firmly screen cannot be used. At present, with ever increasing aluminum electrolytic capacitor technology progress, constantly enrich product structure, in recent years in automotive electronics, new energy, aerospace, military industry and other fields widely used, mainly used in the manufacture of energy-saving lamps, inverter, inverter, uninterruptible power supply, etc. , that would make the electrolytic capacitors in the market share is expected to further enhance the whole capacitor. You purchase electrolytic capacitor, choose a suitable electrolytic capacitor manufacturer as supplier is particularly important in the word position in the industry, shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. 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