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What are the main points of capacitor filtering? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-04
Choosing the capacitor does not mean that the interference can be filtered out! The river floods and reaches a high water level. At this time, we will often add a ditches to drain the water, so the lead must be a low water level, if it leads to a high water level reservoir Otherwise, it will cause water backflow and raise the water level. Capacitor filtering is the same as the problem of water control. Capacitors only serve as a trench. Whether or not filtering can be achieved depends on the magnitude of the ground interference connected to the capacitor. We emphasize that filtering has an important basis, that is, the ground that is connected should have little interference, which is usually referred to as 'quiet ground'. We all know that capacitor filtering has frequency bands, and many people think that the larger the capacitor, the better, but it is not. Each capacitor has a certain filtering frequency band. Large capacitors filter low frequencies, and small capacitors filter high frequencies. This is mainly determined by the capacitor's resonance frequency. There is a good filtering effect in a frequency band centered on the resonance point, and the filtering effect of other parts is not good! When we use capacitor filtering to achieve the filtering effect, we must choose a suitable capacitor and connect to a relatively small interference ground! The capacitor can be based on The device manual and experience, the instrument method can be adopted in the debugging when the interference is small, and the experienced engineer should consider it in the preliminary schematic diagram and PCB.
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