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What are the shortcomings in the use of metal film capacitors | Focus on middle and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-21
If you want to promote product production, you must continue to meet the use of materials, and further achieve the profitability of the overall product. The use of metal film capacitors can effectively promote the reliability of the entire working performance, but in the process of use, the use of this material does not have any short-circuit failure mode, but the use of capacitors in the process of use will cause many short-circuits The failure phenomenon further brings the quality of the entire product to be unqualified. When using metal film capacitors, although there are great advantages, there are also some shortcomings. In the process of using metal film capacitors, the stability of the capacity is not as good as that of other capacitors. The main reason is that metalized capacitors are prone to loss according to the working environment during long-term use, even if the material is healed by itself. The capacity will also become very small. Therefore, in the process of use, the requirements for the stability of the electricity are relatively high, and the metal foil style capacitor should be selected to better meet the demand. Secondly, in the process of use, metal film capacitors are prone to poor current capability, because in the process of work, the film of metal film capacitors is relatively thin, and the current capacity carried is relatively weak, which leads to the use of The problem occurred. Only reasonable ways to improve can effectively meet the conditions of use. Double-sided metal film capacitors can effectively meet the ideal use requirements as electrodes, and further increase the thickness of the metal coating can effectively compensate for the instability of the capacitance during use, and the phenomenon of poor current capability is prone to occur.
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