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What are thin film capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-12-26
Thin film capacitor is what? Film capacitor is with metal foil as the electrode, and poly (ethyl ester, polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate plastic film, from the ends of overlapping, capacitor winding into the structure of the cylinder. And depending on the species of plastic film respectively called ethyl poly capacitance ( Also known as the tool capacity) , the polypropylene capacitor ( Also known as PP capacitance) , polystyrene capacitor ( Also known as the PS capacitance) And poly (carbonate capacitance. Plastic film have? Depending on the species of plastic film is divided into: poly (ethyl ester capacitance ( Also known as the tool capacity) , the polypropylene capacitor ( Also known as PP capacitance) , polystyrene capacitor ( Also known as the PS capacitance) And poly (carbonate capacitance. Its structure is the same as the paper media is polyester or polystyrene, etc. Polyester film capacitor, high dielectric constant, small size, large capacity, better stability, suitable for the bypass capacitor. Polystyrene film capacitor, small dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, but the temperature coefficient is big, can be used in high frequency circuit. Thin film capacitor development prospect is considerable, which a few years the number of film capacitor is used continuously to increase online. Why film capacitor won everyone's praise, with the advantage of it without relations, this tell you about what are the advantages of membrane capacitance. We learn together! Film capacitors instead of electrolytic capacitors to become the market trend, the metallized film capacitor had great development, the volume and weight of the capacitor to reduce 3 to 4 times, technology has also had the very big change make film capacitor has many advantages, make the film capacitance on the DC filter replacement for electrolytic capacitor is a trend. Thin film capacitor what are the advantages? Ability to withstand high current. Strong ability to resist surge. Can withstand the pulse width to rise along with laying along the ratio is 1. 2μ s:50μ S or 8 & mu; s:20μ 2 s. 5 kv peak voltage. Peak current capacity, small inductance, fast charge and discharge. Can bear high pressure, 1. 5 to the rated voltage of overpressure. Nonpolar, can bear long-term reverse pulse voltage. Small dielectric loss, degree of good features, can long-term work under 120 ℃. Small volume, long life, no pollution of acid. Can be stored for a long time. Shenzhen ShenMao weiye science and technology is a manufacture and sales for an integrated enterprise, has been 14 years of history, Chinese and foreign customers of cooperation more than five thousand; Company's main: electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitor, CBB capacitors, safety capacitors, capacitance resistance products, factory direct sales, quality, secure; Has its own electrolytic capacitor factory is committed to seeking high-end electronic products in the cooperation, welcome new and old customers contact website logo calls cooperation!
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