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What causes the delay in delivery of capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-17
Every capacitor manufacturer has tried to delay delivery. Whether it is a large-brand capacitor manufacturer or a small-brand capacitor manufacturer, this will happen. It must be clear that the delay of capacitor delivery has a very significant impact on the progress of its production. This process can even be said to be torture. This article will help you explain how capacitor delivery delays are caused and how to avoid them. The orders placed by the customers are generally received by the salesperson. The salesperson then places the documents internally to the production department. The production department will give a reply on how long the delivery date is expected. The salesperson will inform the customer after knowing the delivery date. The normal order process is like this, but this causes the start of the delay in delivery. Generally, the following situations will cause the first situation: the customer places an order, the salesperson takes the order, and the salesperson forgets to place the order, although this is the case Very few, but in the peak season, there are a lot of orders for capacitors, and the orders placed by customers are not considered large orders. The salesman forgot, and then the customer did not ask again. The salesman waited until which day It was discovered that this order was not placed, or when the customer found the salesperson, the order had been delayed for several days. The second situation: After the business receives the customer's order, the order is placed. The people on the production line say that they need to arrange the order. The production line is full and there is no room for the production of capacitors. At this time, the delivery date must be determined, and the production department can only give an approximate Time, the salesperson gets this approximate time to reply to the customer. In most cases, the probability of delivery delay is very high. The third situation: the production department lacks raw materials and it takes time to purchase raw materials. This often causes delivery delays. The situation is that because the quantity of raw materials for purchasing capacitors is small, it is not possible to purchase, the quantity is too large and there is a risk of idleness, and the application for purchase still needs to be reviewed, etc., during this period, there may be a delay of three to five days. : Tell the user about the payment status of this order. Most monthly settlement customers may not have this risk. If it is a customer who placed an initial order, or a customer who placed an occasional order, although the order has passed, and then did not pay in advance, Capacitor manufacturers generally do not produce first, and will only wait for the payment to arrive before arranging production. The length of this delay depends on when the user pays or how the capacitor manufacturer compromises. These four situations are due to delays in capacitor delivery. Common reasons. In reality, there are many individual cases. For example, capacitor manufacturers suddenly closed down, and there are also delays in capacitor delivery caused by sudden environmental inspections. So here is a trick to purchase capacitors, and place an order. It is time to confirm whether you need to arrange the order and whether the raw materials are sufficient. After you place the order, confirm how long the delivery time is, and then ask about the production situation three or two days. The risk will be greatly reduced
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