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What commercial fields are super capacitors used in? Why has it been said that super capacitors will be used in the future?

by:Shenmao     2021-04-15
Supercapacitors are also called golden capacitors, farad capacitors, and electric double layer capacitors. They have been put into commercial use since the 1970s and 1980s. The original commercial use range is not wide, so not many people have invested a lot of time and energy in research and development. In recent years, with the mass production of electric vehicles and the advocacy of renewable energy, the concept of new energy was born, and supercapacitors have gradually entered the eyes of consumers. What mass consumers can most personally experience is the buses they usually take. Most of the buses now officially use the concept of pure electric, and the components inside use super capacitors, as well as common taxis. Also, this is a well-known domestic brand BYD company that develops and produces vehicles for public use. In the field of private cars, Tesla likes to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources to develop the latest technology of super capacitors. In the future, super capacitors will be invested. Commercialization will be more diverse. As currently known, the commercial coverage of supercapacitors includes: power supply: RAM, detonators, car recorders, smart meters, vacuum switches, digital cameras, motor-driven energy storage: smart three meters, UPS, security equipment , Communication equipment, flashlights, water meters, gas meters, taillights, small home appliances, high-current work: electrified railways, smart grid control, hybrid vehicles, wireless transmission, high-power support: wind power, locomotive starting, ignition, electric vehicles, etc. Future affirmation More commercial fields of supercapacitors will be developed and researched. The most important reason is the energy regeneration advocated by various countries, that is, new energy. Such as batteries cannot be strictly counted as new energy sources. After all, the life span of the use of it will be It is restricted, so it is very likely that the next step of research on super capacitors will ban batteries. The country and major companies are not starting to develop super capacitors on a whim, but because they are fully in line with renewable energy, new energy, and environmental protection. The series of parameter indicators, so the super capacitor will be optimistic about the future.
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