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What effect does household appliances capacitor have

by:Shenmao     2020-11-17
Capacitor is usually referred to as 'as a capacitor, represented by the letter' C '. Definition 1: capacitor, just as its name implies, is' containers of electricity, is a kind of hold charge device. English name: capacitor. Capacitance is one of the extensive use of electronic components in electronic equipment, widely used in every straight, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning circuit, energy conversion, control circuit, etc. Definition 2: capacitor, any two insulation and interval of conductor (close to each other Including the conductor) Among all constitute a capacitor. Capacitor in the circuit in dc, the capacitor is equivalent to the circuit. It began on the structure of capacitor. The simplest at the ends of the capacitor is made by the middle of the plate and dielectric insulation [ 2] Make it. After electrify, plate charged, forming voltage ( Electric potential difference) , but because it is in the middle of the insulation material, so it is not conductive. However, the situation is in no more than the critical voltage of capacitor ( The breakdown voltage) Under the precondition of the. As we know, any material are relatively insulated, when the voltage at the ends of the material increased to a certain extent, is can be conductive material, we call this voltage breakdown voltage. Capacitance is not exceptional also, after the breakdown,, it is not the insulator body. But in the middle school stage, the voltage is nowhere to be seen in the circuit, so are in the following work breakdown voltage, can be regarded as an insulator. In ac circuits, however, because the direction of the current is a function of over time into a certain relationship. And capacitor charging and discharging process is time, this time, the form change of the electric field between the plates, and the function of electric field is also change over time. In fact, the current is through the field in the form of passed between the capacitor. In high school, there are words, call communication, dc resistance, say is this property of capacitance. The basic function of capacitor - — Charging and discharging charging and discharging is the basic function of the capacitor. Charging the capacitor charged ( Storage charge and electricity) The process is called charging. When two plates capacitor is always a positively charged electrode plate, another plate with equal amounts of negative charge. Put a plate to connect power capacitor ( If the battery pack) Positive, another power of the cathode plate, two plates respectively took the same amount of unlike charges. After charging capacitor has an electric field between the plates, the charging process obtained from the power supply electrical energy stored in the capacitor. Discharge cost charge capacitor charge ( Release charge and electricity) The process is called discharge. For example, the capacitor with a wire poles switched on, the poles on the charge neutralization, capacitor will release charge and electricity. Discharge disappear after the electric field between the two plates of capacitor, electric energy is converted into other forms of energy. In general electronic circuit, the capacitor is commonly used to implement the bypass, filtering, by-pass, coupling oscillation, phase shift and waveform transformation, etc. , these effects are the evolution of its charging and discharging function.
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