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What equipment can detect the quality of capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-21
There is always a certain probability that the capacitor will be damaged during use. There are not only one or two capacitors installed on the circuit board. Generally, there are more than a dozen circuit boards installed. Then you need to check the damage of the capacitor one by one. , But it’s impossible to disassemble all the capacitors. It’s too much time and effort. Then you need to use the tools to detect the capacitance. So what equipment can detect the quality of the capacitor? 1. Multimeter testing equipment Multimeter testing equipment, as the name suggests, it can not only test capacitors, but also many electronic components can be tested for damage through a multimeter. The multimeter uses two conductive clamps to clamp the lead of the capacitor and pass The value is to see whether the capacity of the capacitor is still within the range. If there is no value or it is too high or too low, you can quickly find out which capacitor is damaged and replace it. This is a kind of testing equipment that engineers usually carry with them. . 2. Digital bridge testing equipment The digital bridge testing equipment is a more precise test instrument than a multimeter, but due to its larger size, it can only be placed in a fixed location, so it determines a production area and use limit, and the digital bridge test capacitor is also The same method, clamp the lead of the capacitor, can test the accuracy of the capacitor's capacity, and also show the loss of the capacitor, using this digital bridge can also test the state of the capacitor. 3. X-ray inspection equipment The principle of X-ray inspection equipment to detect capacitors is like a person taking X-rays, but X-ray inspection equipment only detects capacitors, and the inside of the capacitor can be inspected by X-ray inspection equipment. Perform a comprehensive analysis of the structure. We know that the capacitor is a sealed electronic component. If you want to know the structure of the raw materials inside, you generally need to disassemble it for testing. However, if it is disassembled, the capacitor basically cannot be used again. If you want to know whether the raw materials and structure in the capacitor are what you want, you can detect it with X-Ray inspection equipment. Like the production workshop of Shenmao Capacitors, there is also a Ruimao Optical X-ray inspection equipment to assist Check whether the internal structure of the capacitor is reasonable, and better solve the hidden danger of quality problems in capacitor Ru0026D.
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