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What is an XPP capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-23
XPP capacitors do not belong to a large category of capacitors, and they are not very popular in the production industry, so they are not widely spread. Therefore, not every manufacturer knows what XPP is a capacitor. This article will popularize what XPP capacitors are. Capacitors! The essential material of XPP capacitor is metal film polypropylene film, so it is also a CBB type capacitor, but CBB is not used as the model name. The main reason is that the CBB capacitor series included CBB19 capacitors and CBB20 capacitors, and CBB20 capacitors are CBB19 capacitors. The upgraded version was later widely used in the audio amplifier industry. Consumers have more demand for audio quality. The audio amplifier industry has also continuously increased the requirements for capacitors, and then developed a better sound quality than CBB20 capacitors. A good MKP axial capacitor, and later developed a capacitor with better printing than the MKP axial capacitor, which is an XPP capacitor. XPP capacitors use special transparent synthetic materials, which have more stable accuracy, transparency and smoothness, so the sound quality is especially better than that of MKP capacitors and CBB20 capacitors. However, because of the complexity of materials and processes, The cost of XPP capacitors is also relatively expensive. In addition, the audio industry is not too extensive. Generally, CBB20 capacitors or MKP capacitors are mostly used. Therefore, the output of XPP capacitors will not be too much. Only some special high-end audio amplifier equipment will Using XPP capacitors, or individual audio enthusiasts will also collect their own audio amplifier equipment modified by these XPP capacitors.
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