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What is the difference between electrolytic capacitors and ordinary capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-28
Generally speaking, polarized capacitors refer to capacitors such as electrolytic capacitors. Although non-polarized electrolytic capacitors do exist, they are not very common on the market and the price is relatively expensive. Common electrolytic capacitors are composed of anode aluminum foil and cathode electrolytic solution to form two electrodes respectively, and a layer of aluminum oxide film produced on the anode aluminum foil is used as a capacitor. Ordinary capacitors are mostly non-polar, and two electrolytic capacitor anodes or cathodes can also be connected in series to form non-polar electrolytic capacitors. Generally speaking, most low-value capacitors below 1μF are non-polar, but capacitors with a capacitance of 1μF or greater are almost always divided into positive and negative poles. So far, the commonly used polar capacitors are electrolytic capacitors, and the positive lead of polar capacitors is always longer. Even if the logo is worn or completely erased, we can recognize the polarity.
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