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What is the impact of improper temperature and voltage on film capacitors | Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-23
It is believed that people who often come into contact with film capacitors will know that when the film capacitor bank is disconnected, if the circuit breaker breaks down, a loop will appear in the circuit, and multiple operating overvoltages will appear on the terminals of the film capacitor. Under the action of such a high operating overvoltage, strong partial discharge and dielectric damage will occur inside the film capacitor, and even lead to the breakdown of the film capacitor. Therefore, the quality of the circuit breaker used to switch the film capacitor is closely related to the actual service life of the film capacitor. In order to prevent excessive inrush current and overvoltage, when the film capacitor is withdrawn from the network, the capacitor (group) should be discharged in time. Before the film capacitor is put into grid operation again, the remaining voltage on the film capacitor should not exceed 10% of its rated voltage. The service life of the film capacitor is closely related to the ambient temperature. At low temperatures, the viscosity of the impregnant inside the film capacitor increases, the internal voltage decreases, and the electrical resistance of the film capacitor decreases. Putting it into operation at a temperature lower than the allowable low temperature of the film capacitor is likely to cause partial discharge inside the film capacitor, thereby accelerating its electrical aging and reducing the actual service life of the film capacitor. On the other hand, if the film capacitor is operated at a temperature higher than its high allowable temperature for a long time, it will accelerate the thermal aging of the film capacitor. Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary to select the film capacitor whose temperature category is compatible with the actual operating environment temperature, on the other hand, pay special attention to the ventilation, heat dissipation and radiation problems of the film capacitor under actual use conditions in the installation and use of the film capacitor. So that the heat generated by the film capacitor in operation can be dissipated in time, and do everything possible to reduce the temperature of the medium inside the film capacitor under high temperature conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of extending the actual service life of the film capacitor.
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