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What is the residual voltage of the electrolytic capacitor when it leaves the factory? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-29
Generally speaking, there is no uniform standard for the residual voltage of electrolytic capacitors. Most of the residual voltage of electrolytic capacitors is generally controlled below 5V, but the voltage of electrolytic capacitors will rise after a long time. It may be in a temperature environment of 25°C. 100s-1000s reaches 10% of the voltage value before discharge. At higher temperatures, the residual voltage will be higher. For high-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the residual voltage may reach 40-50V or even higher. This can cause accidental discharges, especially electric shocks to people and accidents. The discharge of electrolytic capacitors should be through resistance rather than direct short-circuit. For high-voltage and large-capacity electrolytic capacitors, discharge resistors should be connected in parallel to avoid the generation of residual voltage. The anode/cathode aluminum foil of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is corroded very rough. Due to the high resistivity of the electrolyte, the capacitance from the depth of the rough anode electrode to the terminal has actually become an RC circuit. A short-term short circuit is unlikely to be The deep charge of the rough anode electrode is completely discharged through its parasitic resistance and a considerable part of the charge remains. When the short circuit is removed, the charge inside the aluminum electrolytic capacitor will be rebalanced, and the balance result is the residual voltage value.
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