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What is the safety margin of the capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-09
The safety margin of the capacitor refers to the capacitor's withstand voltage or capacity based on the customer's requirements, and adjust the capacity withstand voltage upward to achieve a certain excess margin, so that the quality of the capacitor is more guaranteed, and the reason why the capacitor does this is also For the sake of better reputation of the electronic products provided by both parties. In most cases, when drawing a design draft, a circuit board engineer uses a formula to calculate how much withstand voltage the capacitor needs to support this current when the current flows through the capacitor. When the required capacitor withstand voltage and capacity are calculated , Experienced engineers will make adjustments based on the capacity and withstand voltage of this capacitor, such as 1UF capacity 250V withstand voltage, may be adjusted to 1UF capacity 400V withstand voltage, or adjusted to 2.2UF capacity 400V withstand voltage, to ensure the safety margin of the capacitor The amount is sufficient, and the capacitor will not be damaged by breakdown when the current reaches a certain limit. But in fact, most engineers will hand over the required capacitors to the purchasers according to their calculated capacity and withstand voltage. However, most purchasers do not know the performance of the capacitors and will only purchase according to the parameters and specifications provided by the engineers. Capacitors cause capacitor manufacturers to ignore the safety margin of capacitors when they communicate with purchasers. Individual capacitor manufacturers will still be responsible for contacting the other purchasers to ask for the engineer’s contact information, and make adjustments after communication. However, most capacitor manufacturers Just after receiving the order, it was put into production directly. There may be no problems with the use process and the test process. However, in some cases, the current suddenly increases, and often the capacitor will directly break down because it does not give enough safety margin. , Which also caused the appliance to be unusable
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