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What is the upright aluminum electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-10-01
What is the upright aluminum electrolytic capacitor? Capacitance is two pieces of conductor ( The cathode and anode) With an insulator (between Medium) In the composition of electronic components. Into aluminum electrolytic capacitor is one of the large main use morer capacitor, we are very familiar with aluminum electrolytic capacitors. And tantalum capacitor, it is electrolytic capacitors. The data shows, electrolytic capacitor can occupy half of the industry as a whole capacitance, especially industrial electronic applied most widely, there will be a electrolytic capacitor has the power of place. Into the characteristics of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor? Per unit volume of electric capacity is very large, dozens to hundreds of times larger than other kinds of capacitance. Rated capacity can be very big, can easily achieve tens of thousands of uf and even few f. Cheap and fine. Than other kinds overwhelming advantage, because the composition of electrolytic capacitor materials are ordinary industrial materials, such as aluminum and so on. These materials are ordinary industrial materials and equipment, suitable for mass production, the cost is relatively low. Again, about into the classification of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors, mainly according to the classification of anode material, such as aluminum or tantalum into aluminum electrolytic capacitor, these are all said anode material. Have SMT type and upright type, but as long as the anode material is aluminium, so is the aluminum into the aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Electrolytic capacitor anode made of tantalum metal, cathode and electrolyte. At present a lot of tantalum electrolytic capacitor with patch installation, the shell by general resin encapsulation. According to the traditional view of the performance is better than aluminum capacitors, tantalum capacitors for tantalum capacitor dielectric is generated after the anodic oxidation of tantalum pentoxide, and its dielectric strength is less than 3 oxidation 2 aluminium medium to high aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Therefore, under the condition of the same capacity, the volume of tantalum capacitor made smaller than aluminum capacitor. Into the aluminum electrolytic capacitor of capacitance depends on the dielectric medium capacity and volume, in the capacity of certain circumstances, the higher the power saving ability, the smaller the volume can be done, on the other hand, the volume will be larger. Plus, in general, the properties of tantalum is stable, so usually think better than aluminum capacitor tantalum capacitor performance.
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